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Ingeborg McGlynn

Ingeborg McGlynn is an Austrian artist who has made her home in San Francisco.  She has been painting all her life and has worked successfully in ceramics and stained glass, but always returns to her favorite method of painting: oil on canvas.
She is a graduate of Handelsakademie in Innsbruck, Austria, and also graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of San Francisco.  
She has lived and studied in London, Paris and Rome.  Her love for painting was greatly stimulated by her visits to galleries in Europe.  In her travels she has found the European countryside an inspiration for her paintings.
Ingeborg's great love of nature is mirrored in all of her impressionsist paintings, where the composition has been influenced by a variety of colors consistent with the seasonal changes in her native Austria.  She paints with a pallete knife and brush and uses a wet on wet technique.  Her paintings hang in many homes of collectorsboth inUnited States and Europe.

George McGlynn

George McGlynn is an artist only by avocation. For the last forty years ha has been a department chair and professor at the University of San Francisco, and is presently Professor Emeritus.  He obtained his Masters Degree from Syracuse University and his doctorate from the University of California at Berkeley.  He is the author of several textbooks and numerous professional articles.
George McGlynn is a self taught artist whose style has evolved over a period of many years.  He paints with a palette knife and owes his style to the French Impressionists, especially Monet and Pisarro.  Like these impresionists, he believes that a painting should reflect what one sees and what light reveals at that moment in time.  He juxtaposes dashes of broken color which influence the color of neighboring objects.
He has had numrous one man art exhibits in San Francisco.  He journeys to the South of France and Italy every summer, with his wife, Ingeborg (above).


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